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Our decentralized hospitality and property management solution, backed by our technology stack and local teams, enables us to maximize your ROI while giving guests an unforgettable stay.

02. How it works

Improved Occupancy.

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Increased Profits.

By analyzing shifting market trends, our custom software finds the right price for your property every single day, maximizing profits.

03. Our Partners

Who We Work With

Avenue5 Residential
Roscoe Property Management
Cushman & Wakefield
Lantower Residential
Tranmell Crow Residential
04. Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Does WanderJaunt have insurance coverage?

Yes! We have $2 million dollars in general liability.

What happens if I need to access my property?

Just send an email to accounts@wanderjaunt.com to request access.

How long do guests usually stay for?

65% of nights booked are from stays that are 1 week or longer and 36% of nights booked are from stays that are 1 month or longer.
05. Testimonials

What Others Are Saying.

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I have been working with the team at WanderJaunt for almost a year now, they have done a great job of communicating. The units are set up very nicely. I have even used them to temporarily place residents at some of our properties.

- Christine, Property Manager
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